Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing Celebre Pro HD In Saffron

In response to TREMENDOUS request, we are excited to announce the launch of the newest member of the Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder line - Saffron aka 'Nana Powder.  This warm, yellow tone shade is the perfect addition to the Celebre Pro family.  Banana hued powder is a beauty secret contour weapon for red carpet celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and now it is available in our renowned Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder formula.  Just like its Celebre finishing powder counterparts, Saffron is a luxurious, translucent matte powder made of French delaminated talc.  Incredibly versatile, Saffron complements most skin tones, for a gorgeous, glowing complexion. And as an added benefit, its multi-mineral complex moisturizes the skin.

Industry pros rely on Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing powder to perfectly set makeup for flawless coverage.  With Saffron's yellow undertones, this makeup staple will now set under eye concealer even more effectively.  Use it with Celebre Pro HD Makeup for the ultimate flawless look.  Whether as a contour powder, highlighting the t-zone and the under eye area or an all over finishing powder to combat shine, this 'Nana Powder will become a definite go-to in your makeup kit - especially given its fabulous price of only $15.95.

Purchase from the online Mehron store or find a retailer near you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Take Your Bridal Makeup From Day To Night

Transform your daytime ceremony makeup to nighttime reception dazzling.  Mehron makeup artist Margi Tobey has created a quick, simple day to night look that any bride can follow.  All you need is a few makeup essentials.

"During the day you want your makeup to be very soft and simple, especially in the warmer months," says Margi.  "Re-focus on highlighting versus full coverage foundation for radiant skin that glows.  Get inspired by the beauty of nighttime sky to infuse fun and sexy elements into your look for evening."

Daytime Bridal Makeup Radiance

  1. Prep. To ensure a no budge beauty look, trust the product that Broadway stars rely on - SKIN Prep Pro.  Using your fingertips, apply it to your forehead and nose by lightly pressing.  Then, apply Velvet Finish Primer on your cheeks, chin and neck for flawless, smooth and even makeup application.  To create a dewy, natural looking finish apply Celebre Pro HD Makeup all over your face, blending into your neck, using a moist Face Smoothie Sponge.
  2. Eyes. Apply E.Y.E. Powder in Natural Wheat all over the eye from lash line to brow as a base.  then apply Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Champagne to the center of the lid.  Combining the two this way creates a beautiful, glowing effect that highlights and emphasizes the eyes.  Follow with E.Y.E. Powder in Espresso in the crease.  Next apply E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Brown to the upper and bottom lash line and wing out slightly and smudge.  Soften the bottom liner with E.Y.E. Powder in Cocoa dragging it all over the bottom lid to create a soft, smoky look.  Finish the eyes by applying Mascara Pro to the lashes.
  3. Face. Contour the empales, hallow of cheeks and sides of once with E.Y.E. Powder in Cocoa.  This is a pro trade secret to create dimension.
  4. Cheeks. Add warmth and color with CHEEK Cream in Geranium topped with CHEEK Powder in Tropicoral.
  5. Lips. Create fuller lips by applying L.I.P Liner Pencil in Darling, then fill in with Glosstone PRO in Coral Reef.

Some Makeup Tweaks For The Nighttime Festivities

  1. Refresh The Skin. Create a natural sun-kissed glow by contouring your temples and the hollow of the cheeks with Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder in a shade 1-2 hues darker than your skin.  To combat the look of fatigue, conceal under eye circles with ProColorRing Concealer.
  2. Eyes. Go for an extreme smoky eye.  Add a mixture of iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments in Morning Sky and Ignite all over the lids.  Then use E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black to add detail to the eye shape and to line the bottom of the lash line.  Finish with another coat of Mascara Pro.
  3. Cheeks. Apply CHEEK Cream in Geranium for a beautiful, dewy look.
  4. Lips. Apply L.I.P Liner Pencil in Darling and add L.I.P Color Cream in Fiesta for the perfect pout and bold pop of color.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pucker Up For Pink

Although the stores are ushering in the fall merchandise, it is still SUMMER! Most of us don't want to say goodbye to it just yet.  We want to bask in the warm sun and wear bright, vibrant colors.  Embrace this carefree season and its beautiful pops of color with a fun pink lip shade.  We've got both matte and gloss covered.

Glosstone Pro in Bubble Gum Sparkle
If you are looking for a bit of shimmer to complement sun kissed skin, try our Glosstone Pro in Bubble Gum Sparkle ($11.95).  You get a pretty pink hue, a bit of glitter, and soft, kissable lips.  And because it is infused with tiny light reflectors to pump up the volume, lips also appear fuller and richer.  With Glosstone Pro you get a moisturizer and color in one - our long wearing and non-tacky formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Pair it with our L.I.P Liner in Hope.

Our Glosstone Pro line also has two matte pink shades - Pink Crush (which pairs beautifully with L.I.P Liner in Sweet) and Coral Reef (which pairs with L.I.P Liner in Darling). To add some shine, layer it with  Glosstone Pro in Crystal Clear
Glosstone Pro in Pink Crush
Glosstone Pro in Coral Reef

The intensely rich colors of Petal Pink, Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy L.I.P Cream ($7.95) will help you shout Summer.  Long wearing and hydrating, they are a favorite amoung makeup artists. Wear them in their matte formula or top with Glosstone Pro in Crystal Clear for some added shine.
L.I.P Cream in Petal Pink
L.I.P Cream in Bubble Gum
L.I.P Cream in Cotton Candy

Shop our online store or locate a store near you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Body Paint Jeans That Will Make You Think Twice

With Mark Reid the term "painted on jeans" takes on a whole new meaning.  Forget skin tight, you will be thinking "That's skin????"  That is just how talented this man is.

Taking from the Neil Diamond hit song, forever in blue jeans is how Mark describes his connection to this body paint technique.  His industry renowned body painting work has been featured on The Travel Channel's Sturgis Raw, graced the cover of Illusion magazine, and won national awards.  He is also a published author.

Mark traces his creativity back to growing up on a farm where the lifestyle and natural environment led him to become a thinker and dreamer.  His foray into the human canvas began back in 2002 with face painting.  Once introduced to this art form he was hooked.  It wasn't long until painting the face transitioned to painting the body.  "I fell in love with body painting the fist time I did it," says Mark.  "It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before."

A couple years later the famous Mark Reid jeans hit the scene.  "In 2005 I was asked if I had ever painted jeans as a US tour for Tuaca Liqueur was in the works.  I lied and said Yes!  The next day I had a model come over and I painted jeans on her.  They were great, except there were no folds.  She came back the next day and I painted jeans with folds.  That's how it all started."

Mark doesn't have any idea how many jeans he has painted to date, but knows the number is in the hundreds - and all are done using Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ.  He holds technique classes and demos throughout the world.  His most recent class was at The World Body Painting Festival.  To find out when and where there are upcoming classes contact us at 800-332-9955.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Skin Wars: Colorful Competition

Skin Wars is taking the competition show concept to a whole new level. A little skin, some serious competition, drama, and a WHOLE LOT OF COLOR!  If you missed the debut episode, you HAVE to tune in next week to watch some of the country's most talented body painters battle it out to be number one.  Then catch the Skin Wars' aftershow The Naked Truth With Kandee Johnson online for highlights and Skinterviews with the contestants.  We are so excited to be a sponsor of a show where artists have the opportunity to push the boundaries of the naked canvas.

To catch you up, here are some highlights from this week's episode.

The Mini Challenge.  Contestants had to paint their impression of Hollywood.  For inspiration, they hopped on a tour bus and took in the sights.  The winner was Dutch, who re-created his impression of a camera lens using all the colors in the color wheel.

The Concept Challenge.  This contest required the group to depict their hometowns on their models' bodies.  Shannon won with her beautiful recreation of Florida - popping pink flamingos on the front and a sexy woman on the back.

The Elimination.  Fireman by day and body painter by night Alan, unfortunately, was sent packing.  The judges thought his design was more clothing than a myriad of his hometown.

Get In On The Contest. By guessing who will be eliminated next week and commenting below The Naked Truth video you could get your name on TV PLUS a haul of Mehron products - Celebre Pro HD Makeup Palette, Metallic Powders and a Paradise Makeup AQ Palette.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 9 PM on GSN to watch Skin Wars.  Then hop over to the after show with Kandee Johnson.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dick Smith, A Legend And True Friend

Dick Smith, Marilyn Melik and Martin Melik, Mehron owner/president 

Last week the makeup industry lost a master.  Dick Smith, the man behind Don Corleone's realistic aging in The Godfather and Linda Blair's demon in The Exorcist, passed away after a long illness at the age of 92.  A Hollywood legend, Dick's work changed the industry.  Instead of using masks, he used latex and other methods for a more natural look.  Dick was a mentor and a friend to everyone in the business.

"He was gracious and instrumental in helping Mehron develop several specialty products over the years," said Martin Melik, owner and president of Mehron.  "During the 1960s and 1970s, Dick generously helped my father redefine the Mehron brand through his insightful knowledge of the movie business and his advising on the creation of products that professional makeup artists needed."

The list of Dick's industry work goes on and on.  Some of his more notable creations include:

Adding decades to F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus, for which he won an Oscar
Aging Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man
Dustin Hoffman's Ratso Rizzo character in Midnight Cowboy
Robert De Niro's Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver

He also worked on the likes of screen icons Anthony Quinn, Audrey Hepburn, Laurence Olivier, and Hal Holbrook.  In addition to movies, Dick is memorialized as NBC's first makeup director, working on such productions as Dark Shadows, The Sunshine Boys and Marathon Man.

But Dick wasn't just known for sharing his industry knowledge.  "Dick often offered my wife and I insightful advice on a wide range of topics, including diet, exercise, cooking, child rearing, and vacationing!" said Martin.  "The industry has lost a true giant with the passing of Dick Smith."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Geek Couture Fashion Show Debuts At Comic Con

Comic Con San Diego unleashed a new way for female comic fans to express themselves with the first Geek Couture Fashion Show.  Don't let the words "geek" and "comic" cloud your mind.  The designs were VERY "couture" and could easily have graced the runways of the top fashion shows.  And as with the top fashion shows, it was the makeup that helped complete the look. Comic Con worked alongside Hot Topic, Her Universe, Nerdist and the designers to launch this unique show.  We had the opportunity to get the scoop from one of the featured designers, Isabelle Scott.
Makeup and Design by Isabelle Scott. Model - Catarina Combs
Mehron: What exactly is "geek couture"?

Isabelle: Geek Couture is high fashion inspired by popular culture such as comics, video games, movies and television shows. It is created with Fan Girls in mind.

Mehron: Who are Fan Girls?

Isabelle: Fan Girls is a term coined by Her Universe to describe girls and women who want to express their love for their favorite show or character through what they wear.

Mehron: Why did Comic Con decide to host this fashion show?

Isabelle: I think they finally realized that they were not targeting women who make up over 50% of their attendees.  Only a few short years ago, the only thing targeted toward women were t-shirts.

Mehron: What inspired your Wolverine design?

Isabelle: I wanted to take a step further in my designs targeted towards Fan Girls. I am a glam girl at heart with geek tendencies. I wanted to show women it's OK to geek out over your favorite show and still look sexy and fierce!

Mehron: Your design really hit the mark! Why did you choose Wolverine?

Isabelle: I choose Wolverine because up to today, he has always been only targeted towards men.  

Mehron: Well, this is no men's outfit!  Tell us a little bit about your design, which was recently featured on MTV and the cover of Pop Sugar.

Isabelle: It incorporates Wolverine's face done in luxurious silk velvet applique with beading on silk crepe. I also incorporated the Xmen franchise with custom silk fingerless gloves, rhinestone claws, and Swarosvski Xmen emblem encrusted earrings and pumps. I used several Mehron makeup products to achieve the look: Ad Gem jewel adhesive, Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder, Paradise Makeup AQ in Silver, GlitterMark in Silver, ProColorRing Concealer, E.Y.E Cream in Black, Face Smoothie Sponge, and some brushes.

Mehron: The complete look is absolutely stunning.  We can't wait to see what you come up with next!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Primer on Velvet Finish

Wondering why you should use a primer? Mehron makeup artist Pamela Faller has put together a "primer" on Velvet Finish to let you in on the benefits of using this makeup staple.  "There are SO many uses for Velvet Finish," says Pamela.  "You will be amazed at what it does for your makeup and your skin."

Longevity. Velvet Finish's Vitamin C Complex resists normal breakdown from air, heat and moisture so your makeup stays on longer and you look fresh throughout the day.

Flawless Finish. Apply Velvet Finish for smooth, even skin texture.  Wear it alone or use it as a base for a flawless complexion.  FYI it works fabulously with our Celebre Pro HD Makeup foundation.

What Lines? Velvet Finish works to fill in lines, preventing your foundation from sinking into - and drawing attention to - them, especially around the eyes and lips.  It also helps reduce the appearance of pores.

Lovely Lips. Just a dab of Velvet Finish keeps lip color looking like you just put it on.

Beautiful Eyes. Pat it on your eyelids before applying shadow to make it last and resist smudging and creasing.

Beyond the Face. Try experimenting with Velvet Finish on your neck and chest for a beautiful decolletage.

Sunburn Saver. Not only will Velvet Finish Primer help cover your sunburn, its proprietary formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which will also help sooth skin that may be a little TOO sun kissed.

Anti-Aging Antioxidants. Velvet Finish's antioxidant ingredients help combat the effects of pollution and aging, increase the production of collagen, and decrease the look of fine lines and pigmentation.

Sayonara Shine. Some shine breaking through your makeup? Just dab on Velvet Finish and stop it in its tracks.

Highlight Heaven. If you do "highlights" as a quick makeup look, use Velvet Finish underneath to prevent them from fading or rubbing off.

Velvet Finish is available in stores as well as at

Friday, July 25, 2014

How To Make Your Makeup Last In The Heat

Don't fret when the weather report says it's another scorcher out there.  Your makeup can still look great - and last.  Beat the heat with Mehron's trade secret's.   Having our roots in performance makeup, we know just how harsh the heat can be. The temperature under the lights can wreak havoc.  So our chemists are always focusing on developing products that increase the wearability of makeup under high-performance conditions.  There are two in particular that pros rely on for their clients - from actors to news anchors to models - to keep their makeup in place and looking fresh. But these products are not just for professional use.  They work fabulously for everyday.

SKIN Prep Pro

This clear, fragrance free liquid can be used on all skin types.  Apply SKIN Prep Pro prior to putting on your makeup.  It acts as a moisture barrier between your skin and makeup keeping you looking fresh for a LONG time.  Sponge lightly on the skin and allow to dry before makeup application and forget about the heat and humidity!

Barrier Spray

Dubbed the "Wonder Spray" by those in the industry, Barrier Spray can be applied before and/or after makeup application.  Mist this fixer/sealer on under your makeup to stop moisture or after to set.  FYI it should be applied over powder makeup.  Just hold the bottle 14 inches from skin and give a few sprays across the face.  It can even be sprayed over the eyelids - just keep your eyes closed!  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pucker Up With Mehron’s New L.I.P Liners & Glosstone Pro

Makeup and Photography by Margi Tobey

Keep lips looking lush, kissable – and well, looking like lips – with our new L.I.P Pencil Liners and Glosstone Pro.  We have created new L.I.P Pencil colors that perfectly complement our Glosstone Pro line.  Think long lasting cream makeup meets pencil. The Mehron chemists have developed a formula that enables you to define your lips without bleeding color or feathering so lips keep their shape and your lip color in place.   Follow the lead of the makeup pros and use an L.I.P Pencil to complete your lip cream or gloss look. 

Simple. Sexy. Spectacular.

The colors and product formulation combined with the proper technique will give you beautiful looking lips that last.  Outline your lips, going over the natural line of the lips ever so slightly.  Fill in with the complementary Glosstone Pro color.  That’s it.  Gorgeous lips couldn’t be simpler.  L.I.P Pencil Liners’ soft, creamy texture glides on effortlessly and stays in place. Just two quick steps to lush lips.

Color Pairings As Featured Above

Glosstone Pro Golden Spark and L.I.P Liner Glitz
Glosstone Pro Pink Crush and L.I.P Liner Sweet
Glosstone Pro Bubble Gum Sparkle and L.I.P Liner Hope
Glosstone Pro Coral Reef and L.I.P Liner Darling
Glosstone Pro Red Kiss and L.I.P Liner Brick

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