Friday, September 12, 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014 Recap

Once again Mehron took on New York Fashion Week.  This year we collaborated with Style360 and sponsored some absolutely amazing shows.  In between, we also welcomed guests - and performed a few makeovers - at the Mehron Makeup Beauty Lounge.
Mehron Marketing Director Stephanie Koutikas with
Beauty Vloggers Wing aka DivaMakeupQueen and Miss Yanyi 

A strong brand is only strong as its team, and the Mehron Makeup Team, led by the incomparable James Vincent and Orlando Santiago, created simply stunning looks to complement and highlight the gorgeous designs showcased.  Just like the featured collections, these looks work both on and off the runway.  We know you will want to recreate them, so we're sharing how!


This show celebrated Italian style with designers and trends carefully selected by top Italian Fashion Institutions.  The makeup inspiration for this show was MOD GLAMOUR - a glamorous beauty look with a modern twist that focused on a classic, red lip combined with a soft neutral eye.  This look works for ANY occasion - bridal, red carpet, a night out.

Face: Celebre Pro HD Makeup, Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder

Cheek: CHEEK Cream in Geranium

Eyes:  E.Y.E Powder 8-Color Palette in Natural Wheat, Cocoa, Fawn and Espresso

Lips: L.I.P Color Cream in Velvet Rose


The debut show from the brainchild Lilly Ghalichi, the queen of glam and the star of Shahs of Sunset, was definitely glam.  The makeup look, inspired by the EXOTIC BEAUTY of the Persian ingenue, combined an over-the-top sparkly eye with a matching gold tone pout and glistening cheeks.

Face: Celebre Pro HD MakeupCelebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder

Cheek: CHEEK Cream in Shell Pink and Bronze

Eyes: Metallic Powder in Gold on the lids. E.Y.E Powder in Cocoa and Espresso in inner and outer eyes

Lips: L.I.P Color Cream in Cotton Candy topped with Glosstone PRO in Golden Spark


ELLE apparel balances some of the latest trends with consistent feminine-chic style for women of all shapes and sizes.  For this collection the makeup inspiration was FASHIONABLE FRENCH FEMININITY, sleek and natural with a pop of color - classic, chic and sophisticated.

Face: Celebre Pro HD MakeupCelebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder

Cheek: CHEEK Cream in Geranium

Eyes: E.Y.E Powder in Natural Wheat, E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black

Lips: L.I.P Color Cream in Valentine and Glosstone PRO in Red Kiss

Take a peek at some more behind the scenes fun from the shows.

The Magical Teamwork Of James Vincent and Orlando Santiago
Almost showtime!
Face Chart for Want My Look
Mehron Owner/President Martin Melik and
Marketing Director Stephanie Koutikas
James Vincent Keying The FTL MODA Show
Key Artist Orlando Santiago Adding Some Last Minute Touches


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Barely There Makeup

One of the hottest trends right now is no makeup - well, what looks like no makeup.  From the runways to the red carpet, it seems like everyone is embracing barely there makeup looks - including such celebrities as Rihanna, Kate Mara, Naomi Watts and Emma Roberts.  You can follow in their footsteps with a few simple steps and the right products.

FOUNDATION.  Start by creating a fresh, complexion.  Apply Celebre Pro HD Makeup all over your face and blend.  This satin smooth formula blends seamlessly with your skin and provides amazing coverage.

EYES.  Our E.Y.E Powder 8-Color Palette has the perfect selection of colors for this look.  Try applying Natural Wheat over the entire lid, then contouring with Cocoa, Toffee or Fawn. Lightly line with E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Chocolate and finish with a coat of Mascara Pro. TIP - try to apply your makeup in natural light and blend well so there are no hard edges.

CHEEKS. Create a natural, subtle flush with CHEEK Cream in Geranium.  Blend with your fingers to achieve a beautiful glow.

LIPS. Complete the look with a L.I.P Cream in Natural or Glosstone PRO in Crystal Clear.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014 Starts Now

New York Fashion Week kicks off today and Mehron is proud to sponsor some FABULOUS shows.  This year we are collaborating with STYLE360's 10th annual showcase to create fashion-forward beauty looks for the Spring/Summer 2015 collections.  STYLE360 is THE premier destination for trending fashion designers.  It has launched leading brands such as Rodarte, Rebecca Minkoff, Patricia Fields and Zaldy, and has been the springboard for a host of celebrity designers including Avril Lavigne, Daisy Fuentes, the Kardashians and Kristen Cavallari.

The Shows

Our feature shows are all taking place on September 10th at MetropolitanWest, 639 West 46th Street.     This is a line up you DON'T want to miss.  Add to that the artistry of two powerhouse MUAs and you will be clamoring to get a peek.  To showcase these brands we have brought in James Vincent who is renowned internationally for his work in fashion, film, theatre, and editorial, and the incredible Orlando Santiago, who recently keyed the J Summer Fashion Show for us.

11am - FTL Moda.  Featuring the hottest trends in Italian style, designs carefully selected by top Italian Fashion Institutions will take the stage showcasing traditional fashion followed by a selection of designers re-imagining the runway in an artistic manner.

3pm - WantMyLook, the brainchild of glam queen & Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi.  WantMyLook brings everyday glam for the everyday girl.  The brand has collaborated with fashion designer Michael Costello,  a Project Runway All-Star finalist.  Costello's creations have graced the bodies of some of Hollywood's biggest stars - Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Celine Dion and Michelle Williams.

7pm: ELLE Runway Collection by Kohl's.  Balancing the latest trends with consistent feminine-chic style for women of all shapes and sizes, Elle's collection will bring the fashion and style of the streets of Paris to the runway of New York City.

In between these super hot shows, come visit the lounge for Mehron Makeup Makeovers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Inspires Us? YOU!

You may not know, but we started a little thing called #MehronMakeupMonday.  Each week we ask our Instagram followers to share with us for a chance to win a Mehron goodie.  Every Monday is something a bit different - an overall look, a creative lip, etc.  Last Monday we decided to ask: What, Who & Where Are You Inspired As An Artist? We were AMAZED at the responses - they inspired US!  Take a peek for yourself and let them inspire you as well.

My #themewear was inspired by color, glitz, and sparkle! I find a way to tie in my love for fitness and fashion on the most glamorous stage!!!

What inspires me on #makeupmondays? Clean lines, rich fall colors, the changing of seasons, chocolate lips, the magical five element of the earth, the perfect smokey eye, and other worldly moments that only imagination and makeup harmoniously create.

Things that inspire me.

Halloween inspires me.
 This genius inspires me.
Today when I was trying to think of what truly inspires me, my husband instantly popped into my head.  He is my biggest supporter, and when I feel down he lifts me back up.  He is my absolute inspiration for everything I do, because I look up to him SO much.  Never have I met a more selfless considerate person.  Everyday I strive to push myself to be a better person, and so much of that comes from having such a wonderful person by my side.  He joined the Coast Guard a little over a year ago to provide for us as a family, and I can't thank him enough for that.  So for today's makeup I did a nautical themed makeup, inspired by him.
#musiccollection #makeuptrolly #bodypaint
What inspires me? 1) the beauty of the ocean, the color and texture it represents. 2) #Horror Genre 3) @lillyghalichi and her constant beauty 4) @mensfashionreview Men's Fashion 5) Christina Aguilera @xtina her voice and her glamour and ability to adapt 6) Gareth Pugh a brilliant designer with an edge. So, that's what, who and where inspires me.

 Here is a college of a few things that inspire me as an artist. Halloween obviously, music, old Hollywood, classic movies and of course . . . zombies.

If you are an Instagram follower be sure to look out for #MehronMakeupMonday and your chance to win some Mehron products.  If you are not yet a follower, what are you waiting for?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Your Chance To Win Some Mehron

Who doesn't love FREE?  Especially FREE Mehron products? Don't miss out on a chance to get your hands on some of our best selling products with these two contests.  But hurry up, because the clock is ticking!

#MehronMakeupMonday.  We just love scanning through our social media accounts and seeing all of the fabulous looks created using Mehron products - from beauty to body art to special effects.  So we started #MehronMakeupMonday on Instagram.  Each Monday check for a new contest.  Follow the directions and tag your entries with #mehronmakeupmonday for a chance to win a Mehron goodie!  Skin Wars on GSN is a game show unlike any other.  Each week amazingly talented body painters get to show off their mad skills trying to be the last man/woman standing.  The art created on each episode using the human body as a canvas is nothing short of incredible.  After learning that Mehron is the brand of choice for the artists on the show, The Fabulous Report, teamed up with us for a giveaway.   To enter, visit the contest page and leave a comment on why you should win this sampling of items. Hurry up because the contest ends on September 2nd!

FREE. MEHRON. PRODUCT.  Now is your chance - take it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Behind The Scenes With MUA Faye Lauren

As makeup industry insiders, we love to get - and share - the behind the scenes scoop on product, technique and looks from the pros.  We recently caught up with MUA Faye Lauren to discuss her work on James Franco's upcoming show "Making A Scene" on AOL Originals.  In it James and his friends talk about some of their favorite scenes from classic Hollywood movies then re-enact them with quite a twist.  These James style re-enactments allow for a ton of makeup fun!

What type of looks have you been creating for James on the new show? The looks for James were really fun.  I think the most fun was the De Niro Taxi Driver look. Special effects artist Anna Bearman applied the bald cap.  After I used Celebre Pro HD Makeup to match the cap to the skin, Anna came back in with some flecking to make the cap look more realistic.  Mehron really saved the day with this look.

Did you use any Mehron products to create those looks?  I used a lot of  Celebre Pro HD Makeup, which looked mazing on camera.  The female characters got a pretty Mehron E.Y.E. Cream paired with a Mehron blush, which are highly pigmented and blend beautifully on top of the HD foundation.

How did you like the results? I felt like this was the most fun I've had planning character makeup for a television show.  There were many different characters and a lot to play around with in terms of looks.

Do you have a favorite Mehron product? I would say my favorite is Celebre Pro HD Makeup.  I love doing skin and it just looks amazing on everyone.  It's not dry and not shiny looking.  A perfect in between texture.

Did James respond well to the looks you created? James really loved the Taxi Driver and the Shining look.  It was a blast, he is hilarious.

How did you get your start as an MUA? I used to wear a lot of makeup.  Like glitter eyeshadow.  It's horrible looking back on that time.  My makeup was a mess.   After that period of bad makeup, I started to rock a more wearable look and got a job at a makeup counter.  I started planning photo shoots with any photographers I could find.  I also got a small scholarship to a makeup school in Florida.  I went for a month and didn't really learn much, but felt comfortable saying I was a Makeup Artist after that.  I eventually moved to NYC and started assisting artists and learning and working and building.  It's a process, but I've enjoyed the rocky road and ups and downs of my early years.

Can you give us a little info on your background and other projects you have worked on? Most of the work I do has a fashion or commercial background.  Sometimes very random.  Last week I had to make an actress cry all day!  I've done commercials for Colgate and Sketchers.  I have also worked on MTV shows, editorial and Fashion Week shows.  It's definitely an adventure and I'm just enjoying the ride.

To see more of Faye's fabulous work, visit

Here's a sneak peek of "Making a Scene".

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing Celebre Pro HD In Saffron

In response to TREMENDOUS request, we are excited to announce the launch of the newest member of the Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder line - Saffron aka 'Nana Powder.  This warm, yellow tone shade is the perfect addition to the Celebre Pro family.  Banana hued powder is a beauty secret contour weapon for red carpet celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and now it is available in our renowned Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder formula.  Just like its Celebre finishing powder counterparts, Saffron is a luxurious, translucent matte powder made of French delaminated talc.  Incredibly versatile, Saffron complements most skin tones, for a gorgeous, glowing complexion. And as an added benefit, its multi-mineral complex moisturizes the skin.

Industry pros rely on Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing powder to perfectly set makeup for flawless coverage.  With Saffron's yellow undertones, this makeup staple will now set under eye concealer even more effectively.  Use it with Celebre Pro HD Makeup for the ultimate flawless look.  Whether as a contour powder, highlighting the t-zone and the under eye area or an all over finishing powder to combat shine, this 'Nana Powder will become a definite go-to in your makeup kit - especially given its fabulous price of only $15.95.

Purchase from the online Mehron store or find a retailer near you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Take Your Bridal Makeup From Day To Night

Transform your daytime ceremony makeup to nighttime reception dazzling.  Mehron makeup artist Margi Tobey has created a quick, simple day to night look that any bride can follow.  All you need is a few makeup essentials.

"During the day you want your makeup to be very soft and simple, especially in the warmer months," says Margi.  "Re-focus on highlighting versus full coverage foundation for radiant skin that glows.  Get inspired by the beauty of nighttime sky to infuse fun and sexy elements into your look for evening."

Daytime Bridal Makeup Radiance

  1. Prep. To ensure a no budge beauty look, trust the product that Broadway stars rely on - SKIN Prep Pro.  Using your fingertips, apply it to your forehead and nose by lightly pressing.  Then, apply Velvet Finish Primer on your cheeks, chin and neck for flawless, smooth and even makeup application.  To create a dewy, natural looking finish apply Celebre Pro HD Makeup all over your face, blending into your neck, using a moist Face Smoothie Sponge.
  2. Eyes. Apply E.Y.E. Powder in Natural Wheat all over the eye from lash line to brow as a base.  then apply Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Champagne to the center of the lid.  Combining the two this way creates a beautiful, glowing effect that highlights and emphasizes the eyes.  Follow with E.Y.E. Powder in Espresso in the crease.  Next apply E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Brown to the upper and bottom lash line and wing out slightly and smudge.  Soften the bottom liner with E.Y.E. Powder in Cocoa dragging it all over the bottom lid to create a soft, smoky look.  Finish the eyes by applying Mascara Pro to the lashes.
  3. Face. Contour the empales, hallow of cheeks and sides of once with E.Y.E. Powder in Cocoa.  This is a pro trade secret to create dimension.
  4. Cheeks. Add warmth and color with CHEEK Cream in Geranium topped with CHEEK Powder in Tropicoral.
  5. Lips. Create fuller lips by applying L.I.P Liner Pencil in Darling, then fill in with Glosstone PRO in Coral Reef.

Some Makeup Tweaks For The Nighttime Festivities

  1. Refresh The Skin. Create a natural sun-kissed glow by contouring your temples and the hollow of the cheeks with Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder in a shade 1-2 hues darker than your skin.  To combat the look of fatigue, conceal under eye circles with ProColorRing Concealer.
  2. Eyes. Go for an extreme smoky eye.  Add a mixture of iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments in Morning Sky and Ignite all over the lids.  Then use E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black to add detail to the eye shape and to line the bottom of the lash line.  Finish with another coat of Mascara Pro.
  3. Cheeks. Apply CHEEK Cream in Geranium for a beautiful, dewy look.
  4. Lips. Apply L.I.P Liner Pencil in Darling and add L.I.P Color Cream in Fiesta for the perfect pout and bold pop of color.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pucker Up For Pink

Although the stores are ushering in the fall merchandise, it is still SUMMER! Most of us don't want to say goodbye to it just yet.  We want to bask in the warm sun and wear bright, vibrant colors.  Embrace this carefree season and its beautiful pops of color with a fun pink lip shade.  We've got both matte and gloss covered.

Glosstone Pro in Bubble Gum Sparkle
If you are looking for a bit of shimmer to complement sun kissed skin, try our Glosstone Pro in Bubble Gum Sparkle ($11.95).  You get a pretty pink hue, a bit of glitter, and soft, kissable lips.  And because it is infused with tiny light reflectors to pump up the volume, lips also appear fuller and richer.  With Glosstone Pro you get a moisturizer and color in one - our long wearing and non-tacky formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Pair it with our L.I.P Liner in Hope.

Our Glosstone Pro line also has two matte pink shades - Pink Crush (which pairs beautifully with L.I.P Liner in Sweet) and Coral Reef (which pairs with L.I.P Liner in Darling). To add some shine, layer it with  Glosstone Pro in Crystal Clear
Glosstone Pro in Pink Crush
Glosstone Pro in Coral Reef

The intensely rich colors of Petal Pink, Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy L.I.P Cream ($7.95) will help you shout Summer.  Long wearing and hydrating, they are a favorite amoung makeup artists. Wear them in their matte formula or top with Glosstone Pro in Crystal Clear for some added shine.
L.I.P Cream in Petal Pink
L.I.P Cream in Bubble Gum
L.I.P Cream in Cotton Candy

Shop our online store or locate a store near you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Body Paint Jeans That Will Make You Think Twice

With Mark Reid the term "painted on jeans" takes on a whole new meaning.  Forget skin tight, you will be thinking "That's skin????"  That is just how talented this man is.

Taking from the Neil Diamond hit song, forever in blue jeans is how Mark describes his connection to this body paint technique.  His industry renowned body painting work has been featured on The Travel Channel's Sturgis Raw, graced the cover of Illusion magazine, and won national awards.  He is also a published author.

Mark traces his creativity back to growing up on a farm where the lifestyle and natural environment led him to become a thinker and dreamer.  His foray into the human canvas began back in 2002 with face painting.  Once introduced to this art form he was hooked.  It wasn't long until painting the face transitioned to painting the body.  "I fell in love with body painting the fist time I did it," says Mark.  "It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before."

A couple years later the famous Mark Reid jeans hit the scene.  "In 2005 I was asked if I had ever painted jeans as a US tour for Tuaca Liqueur was in the works.  I lied and said Yes!  The next day I had a model come over and I painted jeans on her.  They were great, except there were no folds.  She came back the next day and I painted jeans with folds.  That's how it all started."

Mark doesn't have any idea how many jeans he has painted to date, but knows the number is in the hundreds - and all are done using Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ.  He holds technique classes and demos throughout the world.  His most recent class was at The World Body Painting Festival.  To find out when and where there are upcoming classes contact us at 800-332-9955.

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Black Veil Brides Use Mehron Makeup
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