Thursday, July 17, 2014

Skin Wars - Get The Pre-Game Scoop

Game on!  On August 6th Skin Wars debuts on the Game Show Network.  The 8 episode, hour-long competition show takes you behind the paint and into the artists’ world.  As a sponsor, we are excited to see just how the show plays out.  We know it is going to be crazily creative!  How can it not be? It is hosted by Rebecca Romjin, who has graced the big screen as the blue body painted Mystique in X-Men and was the first model to ever be body painted for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and is judged by the legendary RuPaul and body painting rock stars Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina. On top of that there is a lineup of some of the industry’s most talented artists.  The contestants will take part in a series of challenges that test their creativity and talent, whittling them down until there are only three left for the finale.  The winner will receive a $100,000 cash prize, a one-year supply of body paint, and be the featured guest artist at IMATS in New York City.   Be sure to tune in and get your head - and body - in the game!  Here is a sneak peek . . . 

The Skin Wars Combatants

  • Alan Anderson – an award-winning artist from Denver who makes a living as a firefighter and paramedic
  • Angela Roberts – a former college track star from Lafayette, Louisiana who has used her talent to overcome some learning disabilities
  • Dutch Bihary -  owner of a face and body painting workshop in Seattle who started out as a comic book illustrator whose work includes murals, tattoo flash, album covers and special effects makeup for film and music videos
  • Felle – airbrush gun master and Detroit auto painting shop owner who has painted murals and more for hip hop royalty, including Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Beyonce and Kanye West
  • Gear Boxx – street graffiti artist turned body painting instructor from Las Vegas known in the business for his amazing air brushing skills
  • Mythica Von Griffyn – a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and reverend from Denver who teaches spiritual body painting for healing
  • Natalie Fletcher – trained in classic realism and technical painting, this Bend, OR artist specializes in hand painted camouflage landscapes
  • Nicole Hays – breaking from a family tradition of dentists and doctors, this Riverview, FL native competes on a roller derby team and performs circus acts
  • Sean Avram – a former professional wrestler, commentator and ring announcer from Hinesburg, VT and father of five is known for body painting fantasy and science fiction characters – usually on his wife who is also his model and muse
  • Shannon Holt – getting her start painting guests at nudist resorts, this Orlando, FL artist travels the world body painting at galleries and private parties

Tune in to the Game Show Network on August 6th for the debut of Skin Wars!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WBA Image Awards 2014 Winners

The World Body Painting Festival is THE industry event of the year.  For one week, the small town of Portschach, Austria becomes the mecca of body painting.  Thousands of artists come to showcase their talents and learn from the best.  One of the highlights of the festival is the World Bodypainting Association's Image Awards.

Once seen as simply a cult art favorite, body painting has transcended into other arenas, including fashion, advertising and entertainment.  You don't have to look far to find it.  Mystique from the X Men franchise, Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil.  Models on the catwalks of fashion houses from NYC to Europe to Australia.  Delta's faucet and Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercials.  Body painting is out there making a strong, visual impact.  Acknowledging this trend, the WBA created the Image Awards, which recognize the trifecta of artists, models and photographers who work together to make this eye-catching artwork happen.  This year, Mehron was a proud sponsor of the Image Awards, which have three categories:
  • Artistic - images that could hang in a home or place of business
  • Fashion - images that are fashion or accessories related
  • Commercial - images that are promoting a product or have an advertising feel to them
"The winning artwork was amazing," said Mehron's Marketing Director Stephanie Koutikas.  "It is an honor to be able to be part of something that recognizes body painting's limitless possibilities."

The winners of the 2014 WBA Image Awards are:

Artistic - Fragile
Artist: Petra & Peter Tronser 
Photographer: Michael Horaczek
Model: Jan Ga

Commercial - ADV
Artist: Einat Dan
Photographer: Antonio Schiavano

Fashion - Legs
Artist: Einat Dan
Photographer: Stefan Giftthaler

The Legs team was also the Grand Winner.

Congratulations to everyone!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Behind The Scenes At The World Body Painting Festival

Mehron Europe kept things rocking at The World Bodypainting Festival in Austria last week.  Picturesque Portschach was the perfect backdrop for the AMAZING artistry created from our body painting Paradise Makeup AQ and Mark Reid lines.  And the co-creators of those lines - Jinny and Mark Reid - were on hand to show visitors just how it's done!  Then there was the showcase event - The Body Art Fashion Show, which was sponsored this year by Mehron Europe.

Objectification, Let Me Count The Ways

The Body Art Fashion Show had it all - music, video, art, body painting, dance, fashion and more!  The Mehron team worked once again with the fabulous Karala B.  The show's theme promised to be cutting edge and it did not disappoint - take a look at these designs.  We just love what inspiration, creativity and a little Mehron can do!
Photos by Thomas Ledford
Photos by Thomas Ledford

Photos by Thomas Ledford
Photos by Thomas Ledford
Photos by Thomas Ledford
Photos by Thomas Ledford
Photos by Thomas Ledford

Photos by Thomas Ledford

Technique + Product = Unbelievable!

Festival goers learned from the masters at Jinny and Mark's workshops and booth demos.  Combining  sought after techniques, such as Mark's famous jeans, with globally popular products and a human canvas creates beautiful results!
Mehron girl at heart Nicole Aspradakis took her creations to the festival's competition, making it to the finals with these showstoppers.

Some More Fans . . .

Mehron fans beat the heat with these fun, well, Mehron fans!
Karala B and her little one enjoying a cool breeze.
Kudos to Mehron Europe and its leader Saskia Timmermans for their inspiring contributions to the festival!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mehron UK Debuts At IMATS London

Mehron UK pulled out all the stops this past weekend for its debut at IMATS London – gorgeous new displays showcasing fan favorites and new products, MUAs providing free color matching and advice, and incredibly talented artists who not only drew continuous booth traffic, but also walked the show floor demonstrating what can be created when you combine Mehron and some imagination.  Quite a way to make a first impression! Even Faceon Magazine and Makeup Artist Magazine thought so - both stopped by to take some photos of the booth creations.

Non-Stop Artistry

One of the main reasons people come to IMATS is to see and feel the products in person.  Mehron UK had that covered and more.  On Friday, opening Pro Night, Dave Darko created a fabulous candy skull.  All prosthetics used were made the traditional way with latex and tissue paper drawing quite a curious crowd.  The show continued on the remaining days. Artists flocked both ends of the booth demonstrating products.  Special key artists included the amazing Nicole Aspradakis - who was just in the finals at The World Bodypainting Festival - Chhaya Udani, Kat Sinclair, Phillip Levine from Headism, Branka Vorkapic and Ian Messa-Harris.  Dave Darko found some new Mehron fans as we walked the show floor demoing easy to recreate cuts and burns.

Showing Some Product Love

The ladies of London were loving our Celebre Pro HD Makeup, particularly the 12 Color Highlight Contour Palette, because of its creamy consistency and seamless blendability. Mehron UK brought along a fully trained MUA, so clients were able to easily select the perfect match for their skin tone.  People were also amazed at the pigments in our new Precious Gem Powder colors, especially when they were combined with our Mixing Liquid - amazing color payoff.   And as always, Paradise Makeup AQ flew off the shelves - or rather stand!  It is so exciting to see clients - new and existing - show their love for the brand.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer-Proof Your Makeup

The heat is on! Now that the summer is here you need to take steps to make sure your makeup stays on despite the warm weather. Here are a few tips to help keep you looking fresh.

Prep the Skin. Boost the wearability of your makeup with Skin Prep Pro.  This clear, fragrance-free liquid acts as a moisture barrier between your skin and makeup, keeping you looking fabulous even under the harshest conditions.

Comfortable Cover. Get the coverage you want with the light feeling you crave for summer with Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder foundation.  This oil and fragrance-free powder gives you satin-smooth, buildable coverage – and its packed with powerful antioxidants.

Spray to Stay.  We are going to let you in on a little trade secret – Barrier Spray.  Makeup artists call it the Wonder Spray.  Just mist it on over powdered makeup to keep the heat at bay and your makeup looking great.

The Power of the Cream.  For long lasting cheek color use our CHEEK Cream.  These super smooth, concentrated blushers have the staying power you need during this sizzling season.  Available in 8 effervescent colors, sold separately or in our new CHEEK Cream Palette.  And don’t forget about your lips! Our matte L.I.P Cream was also formulated to last. With 16 shades you are sure to find a sexy, summer color that will become your go-to.

Remember to Blot.  Despite your best efforts, the oils try their best to win.  After applying your makeup make sure to blot to lift the oils, but leave the beautiful pigment behind.

It’s All in the Detailz.  Feel like your regular eye pencil is just melting off? Use Detailz as your liner.  The rich pigment, liquid formula with fine felt tip makes application a snap and lasts much longer than traditional liners.  And it comes in the fun, bold colors that are so on trend right now.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

World Body Painting Association's Image Awards

The World Body Painting Festival is in full swing! Thousands and thousands of artists from 46 countries have made their way to Austria for the industry's largest international event.  Jinny, co-creator of Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ line, and Mark Reid, co-creator of our GlitterMark, are both on hand sharing their talents and techniques.  Jinny is also serving on this year's jury of iconic artists, alongside another ParadiseGirl at heart - Carolyn Roper.  Mehron is also participating in some of the awards on a company level as a sponsor of the World Body Painting Association's Annual IMAGE Awards.

Body painting has become a popular art form, spreading its wings across a spectrum of industires - from fashion, advertising and entertainment to science and the medical profession.  Acknowledging this transcendence, the IMAGE Awards step outside the traditional body painting box and into the realm of image making.  They recognize the trifecta of artists, models and photographers - the three main ingredients the WBA believes are needed to successfully create a powerful image.  There are awards for three categories:

  • Artistic - images that could hang in a home or place of business
  • Fashion - images that are fashion or accessories related
  • Commercial - images that are promoting a product or have an advertising feel to them
The goal of these awards are to give artists a platform where they can freely create unique, expressive, imaginative and/or explosive images without restrictions or limitations. They are allowed t use all that is necessary (within the safety zone of body painting) to produce a stunning image.

"We have been noticing the increased popularity in body painting for quite some time. You can frequently spot it on the catwalk, in advertising, in movies, and more," said Mehron's Marketing Director Stephanie Koutikas.  "We are proud to sponsor awards that recognize the growth of this expansive art form."

Stay tuned for our Body Painting Festival wrap-up for information on the winners!

Friday, June 27, 2014

J Summer Fashion Show At One World Trade Center

Mehron is the first makeup brand to walk the floors of fashion at One World Trade Center in New York City.  This past Wednesday, the country's tallest building became a breathtaking cat walk with the views inside and out perfectly complementing each other.  International fashionista Jessica Minh Anh brought art, fashion and culture to life for her J Summer Fashion Show - and she selected Mehron for the model's makeup. Jessica's shows, which bring together some of the most exciting designers from around the world, have turned into a global phenomenon.  The World Trade Center is just one of a select group of stunning show venues, which also include London's Tower Bridge, Grand Canyon's Skywalk, Seine River in Paris, Costa Atlantica in Dubai and Gardens By The Bay's Skyway in Singapore.

The NYC show featured haute couture, high end ready to wear and active wear collections from 10 different countries.  Mehron's key MUA for the show, celebrity makeup artist Orlando Santiago, created a ethereal, flawless and electric look that combined the beauty of cultures from across the globe and effortlessly worked with all the fashions showcased.  He also created a show-stopping, high-fashion, edgy look for Jessica. The Mehron team of MUAs beautifully executed his concepts.

"The show was simply spectacular," says Stephanie Koutikas, Mehron Marketing Director. "Mehron was truly a proud sponsor of this amazing event."

How To Recreate The Looks From The J Summer Fashion Show

PREP: Velvet Finish Primer.
FACE: Celebre Pro HD Makeup in L2 and Eurasia Japonais shades mixed for perfect match. Create contour with Celebre Pro HD Makeup in Dark 1. Set the entire face with Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder.
EYES: E.Y.E Powder in Snow White and Natural Wheat and Paradise Makeup AQ Detailz in Black for liner.
BROWS: E.Y.E Powder in Cocoa and/or Espresso
CHEEKS: CHEEK Powder in TropiCoral
LIPS: L.I.P Liner Pencil in Desire, L.I.P Color Cream in Big Apple Red, and Glosstone Pro in Clear (just in the middle of the lips for a perfect pout)
SET: Mist of Barrier Spray.

PREP: Velvet Finish Primer.
FACE: Celebre Pro HD Makeup in your shade. Contour with shades from the E.Y.E & CHEEK Powder Palette. Set with Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder.
EYES: E.Y.E Powder in Snow White and Natural Wheat, E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black.
CHEEKS: CHEEK Powder in Just Peachy
LIPS: L.I.P Color Cream Palette
SET: Mist of Barrier Spray.

Thank you to the Mehron Makeup Artist Team: Orlando Santiago, Michela Wariebi, Sandradene Fearon, Jaleesa Jaikaran, Aura Flores, Ricardo Delgado, and Aziza Walker.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

World Body Painting Festival Fashion Show

We are counting down the days to the annual World Body Painting Festival in picturesque Corinthia, Austria.  This annual festival, taking place June 29th to July 6th,  draws talented artists from across the globe who are looking to showcase their work and hone their skills.  One of the eagerly anticipated events of the weeklong gathering is the Body Art Fashion Show, which is sponsored this year by Mehron.  You can get a sneak peek of what is in store from the trailer below..

Our team is excited to once again work with the amazing Karala B.   Under Karala's direction, the show takes art and performance to new levels.  This show's got it all - music, video art, body painting, dance, fashion and more!  And with this year's theme being Objectification, Let Me Count The Ways, it promises to be the most controversial and cutting edge show to date.  Karala will be leading a group of international artists, such as Jinny, Karen Yiu and Filippo Ioco, to explore the dark and light sides of sexual expression.  We can't wait to see what they come up with!  Be sure to check out our blog next week for all the details and pictures.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Broadway Cares (And So Do We!)

Mehron and Broadway have been tied together for decades.  Our founder, Mehron Melik, started the company back in 1927 in a small loft in New York City just off of Broadway.  Since our inception we have catered to the makeup needs of performers - from vaudeville, burlesque, silent films, opera, and ballet to music videos, television shows, motion pictures and, of course, theatre.  Every night our makeup takes center stage of award winning shows such as Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King.  So when we learned about Broadway Cares, we just had to give back and share the information in hopes that others can give as well.

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS is the American theatre community's response to a worldwide health crisis.  This compassionate organization plays a crucial role in helping other organizations that assist families and people living with the HIV virus and other catastrophic health conditions.  In 2013, BC/EFA's grant-making total exceeded $10.5 million!  Recipients included food service and meal delivery programs, nationally and internationally recognized AIDS service and advocacy organizations, physician volunteers, theatre community service organizations, and the actors fund.  Since its founding in 1988, BC/EFA has raised more than $250 million towards healthcare, counseling, career training and essential financial support for thousands of entertainment professionals.  Recently, the quality of life for many people living with HIV and AIDS has improved, but the crisis is far from over.  BC/EFA is continually working to improve the lives of people affected by this virus.

To find out more about BC/EFA, or to make a donation, visit

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fake Cut Makeup That Looks So Real

By popular demand here is another video highlighting our best selling Special FX Makeup Kit.  Alexys Fleming of MadeULookbyLex first created this Shattered Glass look during our seminar at The Makeup Show Chicago last week.  The number of requests from people who could not attend the show was so great we decided to work with Lex to create a video featuring amazing fake cut makeup for the world to see.  We have provided the step-by-step directions beneath the video link for easy reference.

While the look is real, the glass is NOT! Lex used acrylic, which can be purchased at your local hardware store.  Before starting to work on the look, break the sheet of acrylic into small pieces outside while wearing safety glasses.

1. First you need to make it look like you have been crying from pain.  Using a detail brush, apply Paradise Makeup AQ in Black mixed with lots of water under the eye and drag down.

2. Next, pour some makeup remover or Skin Prep Pro into a small jar.  Dip your fingers into the jar.  Once both hands are damp, remove some Extra Flesh from the container and roll between your fingers.  Stick the Extra Flesh onto your cheek bone.  Using two fingers, blend it into the skin.

3. Dip the small makeup brush from the kit into the Skin Prep Pro or makeup remove and "tear" it into the Extra Flesh.  Try to stab, not drag for a more realistic effect.  Continue the cut as far out as possible.  When finished, apply Fixative A on top of the "cut" to create a barrier for better makeup application.  Let it dry.

4. If the Extra Flesh does not match your skin tone, apply your regular powder foundation over of the cut.

5. To create a more swollen and irritated effect, you need to highlight and contour.  Apply Mocha CHEEK Powder around the wound, then Snow White E.Y.E Powder directly around the cut.

6. Now it is time for the gore.  Apply Paradise Makeup AQ in Red to the center of the cut as a base.  Trail the line past the cut for a smoother transition.

7. Apply Spirit Gum inside the wound where you will be sticking the "glass".  Tap it with the back of a brush until it feels sticky.  Then, stick in the pieces of acrylic.

8. Dab Coagulated Blood Gel around the pieces of acrylic.  Make sure to get some of the blood around the glass and extend it around the cut.

9. Create more cuts on your face following the same process.  Make them all different shapes and sizes, with or without the acrylic pieces.

10. Thin the Squirt Blood with water and use a brush to splatter on your face.

11.  Making sure your teeth are dry, apply Tooth FX in Blood Red to your teeth.

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