Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Mehron Products And Seminars Rocked The Makeup Show Orlando

What do you get when you mix product launches, new seminars, and some renown makeup artists? One HOT tradeshow!   And that definitely sums up The Makeup Show Orlando last weekend.

Product Launches

We unveiled two eagerly anticipated skin prep products - one that enhances application, intensity and staying power, and another that easily removes all traces of makeup.  Attendees got to see PRIMED Eye Primer in action for the first time.  This is the missing link to our vibrant pigment products. An antioxidant and vitamin rich eye-lid primer, PRIMED puts an end to creases and fading and makes loose pigments such as Precious Gems stick to lids like metal on a magnet!  To say it was well received is an understatement - it flew off the shelves of the showroom floor.  PRIMED was the buzz of the show, selling out on the first day.

Makeup lovers also couldn't get enough of BARED Makeup Remover and Cleanser.  Its gentle and nourishing formula is the ideal choice for removing highly pigmented makeup such as iNtense Pro. Keep makeup on when you want it and take if off without giving it another thought!

In The Know With The Pros

The pros know how to achieve a flawless complexion - and they weren't afraid to let their students in on the secret.  Mehron's Celebre Pro HD products took the stage during classes from some of the industry's top artists - Danessa Myricks, James Vincent, Bethany Townes and Orlando Santiago.  The Celebre love moved from the classroom to the Mehron booth, where students flocked to get some Celebre for their own tool kits.

Tips and Tricks

We shared some insights ourselves at the Mehron sponsored FEAR NOT - Intense Pigments for the Modern Makeup Look seminar taught by celebrity makeup artist Megan Hill-Luman.  This colorful class left attendees wanting to get their hands on some highly pigmented makeup!  If PRIMED was the buzz, iNtense Pro was the show stopper!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Super Sexy Fall Makeup

Makeup by Paloma Romo
Photo by Jackie Gallardo
The chill is definitely in the air.  Time to turn up the heat with this gorgeous fall makeup look from California MUA Paloma Romo.  We are absolutely loving the combination of sultry, shimmery cocoa eyes, warm skin, and a bold lip.
Makeup by Paloma Romo
Photo by Jackie Gallardo

"Paloma's artistry using our quintessential fall makeup colors is simply stunning," says Stephanie Koutikas, Mehron's Marketing Director.   

What Paloma Used To Create This Super Sexy Look:








All products are available through our online store or search our store locator to find a retailer near you.

Photography by Jackie Gollardo

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Lip Color Trends You Have To Try

Fall is in full swing.  If you haven't changed up your lip color, it's time!  Not sure what color to try?  We reached out to two of the hottest makeup artists for their take on this year's fall lip color trends.

For Orlando Santiago Bold and Beautiful Is Where It's At For Fall

"I have to admit that many seasons have been very repetitious or repetitive; however, Fall 2014 has slightly varied from the norm bringing back fun and strong femininity in lip selections, such as the use of lip liners to bring back a sculpted deep burgundy, various shades of reds - blue reds and pinkish reds - which I loved seeing and placing on women," says Orlando.  "The boldness of the strong brow and occasional metallics via Mehron's Metallic Powders on the eye as shadow or simply just a liquid liner are a plus when combined with these lip shades to create an ultra confident yet striking look that will turn heads."  For Orlando it feels very Latina with a strong Spanish influence that will easily transcend into a spring twist.  "With Mehron L.I.P Cream it becomes super easy to translate the runway trend of lips for fall and modify it using the various shades combined to suit your color and complexion, yet keeping it current in trend.  From the Catwalk to the Sidewalk, I have to say that my go-to color right now is L.I.P Cream in Chocolate Cherry, which is EVERYWHERE right now and looks incredible paired with a flawless complexion, strong brows, and minimum influence of a metallic eye with tons of flirtatious lashes."

Bare, Bright & Bold Is Keeping James Vincent Excited

"Lip color for fall is keeping me excited with its mix of bare, bright and bold," says James Vincent.  "This season's trend allows every woman to wear what best expresses who they are at the moment. Fall trend for me is all about balance.  Pair the season's metallic smokey eyes with a nearly nude lip for an easy every day or dramatic night time look.  L.I.P Cream in Natural is the ideal camel nude for every skin tone.  Add Metallic Powder in Bronze or Gold for a gilded look that looks like it stepped off of the red carpet."  For a more classic Hollywood look that keeps it modern, James likes red to make the statement. "Pair two shades of L.I.P Cream together for a red lip that is unexpected. Start with a red lip pencil and add on an orange red shade such as L.I.P Cream in Poppy over the lip. Finish it with a blue based red color like L.I.P Cream in Big Apple only in the center for a look that brightens the eyes, whitens the teeth and takes your look to red carpet ready."  For a big statement, James chooses bold and bright colors. "Add dimension and shine.  Press Glosstone PRO in Pink Crush or L.I.P Cream in Wild Plum into the lip with your finger for a stained effect that lasts all day.  Add some gloss in the center of the lip for shine and you are camera ready and ready for fall."  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show Breaks Records

A new look on the runway EVERY MINUTE for 24 hours straight.  Cotton Incorporated's runway show marathon this past weekend broke records and set trends.  In partnership with PEOPLE Magazine, this fabulous show, held on Miami Beach's iconic Ocean Drive, started on Friday at 7PM and ended on Saturday at 8PM - making it the longest fashion show ever!  But it wasn't just the length of the show that was incredible, it was all that went along with it: more than 50 hair and makeup artists, 60 models, over 4,000 pieces of gorgeous cotton styles, and 96 miles strutted on the catwalk.  Talk about impressive numbers!  Add to that the 1.2 million online viewers that watched the live stream. Unbelievable!  We were thrilled to be a part of this milestone event.  For six hours the Mehron beauty team, led by the amazing DeShawn Hatcher, created HOT looks to complement those ever-changing collections - the equivalent of 36 runway shows.

"We reached out to Mehron because purely as an artist I am in love with their products and truly wanted them to be a part of the show," said DeShawn.  "I love reaching out to Pro brands and try to shed some light on them in my world of editorial beauty so consumers can see just how beautiful their products are."

Guilian Rancic
Hosted by the beautiful Guliana and Bill Rancic, along with E! News' co-host Jason Kennedy and The Insider's Michael Yo, The Moments of Our Lives show was live streamed online on,,,,, Entertainment Weekly's,, and - quite the lineup.  And the live entertainment was equally impressive with performances by Jason Derulo, DJ Trey Smith, Fantine, and DJ Irie.

Jason Derulo kept the crowds on their feet.
Team Mehron bringing the beauty to Miami.
The talented Beauty Director DeShawn Hatcher
and her team were at it all night long.
Mehron products taking center stage.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finding Inspiration In A Young Artist

We love perusing all the incredible looks, comments and messages our fans post on social media.  They truly inspire us to do what we do.  Recently, we came across a young artist on Facebook that particularly caught our eye - as well as the eye of Illusion Magazine. Her talent and story moved us so much that we just had to share.

Rachel, AKA Face Art FX by Rachel, is a 15 year old aspiring makeup artist and body painter. A fervent makeup lover, Rachel was drawn into face and body painting last year, finding inspiration from Alexys Fleming, Kat Sketch, Michael James, Kandee Johnson, and the television contest shows FaceOff and Skin Wars.

"I was always watching YouTube videos on face painting and makeup and wanted to try it for myself. After doing it for a while, it just caught on with me," says Rachel. "I felt like it was another way for me to express myself."  A newly discovered love of drawing has resulted in Rachel also adding henna tattoos to her makeup mix.

Because Rachel has a unique style and sense of fashion that is unlike most of the girls at her school, she unfortunately was judged by what was on the outside instead of the inside.  "Since I started doing face and body painting and sharing my looks with others on my Facebook page, I have had a lot more of my peers admiring what I do and now getting to know me for the person I am and accepting my style."

When creating her fabulous art pieces, Rachel relies on a makeup kit full of her favorite Mehron products. "Mehron products were the first more professional products I used after I stepped up from the Halloween store makeup, and I don't think I could be happier with them. Some of my favorites are the fabulous Paradise Makeup AQ, SynWax, Liquid Latex, Setting Powder and Stage Blood."

Believing no one should feel ashamed to express who they are, Rachel hopes to make a career doing makeup in some form - and with her talent we have no doubt that she will!

Rachel Painting Herself

You can follow Rachel at and be sure to look for her in the winter issue of Illusion Magazine.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

31 Days Of Mehron Halloween Artist Most Liked

The 31 Days of Mehron Halloween contest on Instagram put a twist on the traditional Halloween trick or treat.  The trick was to create a look using Mehron products, then share/tag your Instagram picture.  The treat was having your look selected to be showcased on our website and social media.  Well, as we announced in our last blog, we added an extra treat.  The featured artist with the most likes received additional recognition along with a Mehron premium makeup kit.

We want to congratulate Amanda Chapman!  Not only has this wife and mom captured our hearts and served as the inspiration for the 31 Days of Mehron Halloween, she also captured the hearts of so many with her Tin Man look.  A talented professional photographer with a new found love of makeup, Amanda is a true Mehron Girl!

Friday, October 31, 2014

The 31 Days Of Mehron Halloween Finale

It's that ghoulish of days.  Halloween is here and what an incredible month of looks to get us to the 31st.  The submissions for the 31 Days of Mehron Halloween were truly inspirational.  We received SO many fabulous looks, we regret we could only select 31! It is our hope that the daily featured artists sparked some creativity and provided fun ideas for your Halloween festivities.

Trick Or Treat

If you have followed the project, you know that the trick was to create, tag and share a look using Mehron products on Instagram.  The treat was being selected and featured on our website and social media.  Unbeknownst to the contestants, we decided to throw in an extra treat - watch for the announcement next week!

Contest Inspiration

The inspiration for this contest actually came from Amanda Chapman, the Tin Man featured above.  Since 2012, Amanda has been partaking in a 31 days of Halloween self-portrait project.  Each October she transforms herself daily into a new character.  The idea was conceived when her husband had been diagnosed with cancer.  The project was an outlet for Amanda and her family.  Incredibly, she has no formal training and is actually a professional photographer!  We caught up with Amanda to get some more scoop on the artist and her project.

Mehron: A photographer by trade, do you do any makeup looks other than your Halloween looks?

Amanda: When starting my "31 Days of Halloween" in 2012 it was the first time I had really attempted character makeup and for the past two years I have only done this makeup in October for this project. However, after this year I plan on incorporating creative makeup into my future photo shoots. My goal is to learn the sculpting and prosthetic making process and build on my skill.
Twisty The Clown from American Horror Story Freakshow
Mehron Products Used: Paradise Makeup AQ in White, Red,
Black and Green; Synwax, Spirit Gum, Bald Cap
Mehron: We can't wait to see what you come up with next!  Completely self taught, how did you come up with your looks and learn to bring them to life?

Amanda: I found online tutorials to be very helpful in the beginning; however, I was finding myself creating a version of someone else's attempt at that makeup. I now use reference photos of the original character and decide the best ways with the products I have to bring that character to life.

Mehron: Your artistic ability is amazing.  Do you have a favorite look?

Amanda: Being a huge Tim Burton fan, I am always inspired by the unique style of his characters. I have done over ten of Burton's characters in my 31 Days project. His characters are dark, yet charming, and I am most fond of Edward Scissorhands.

Tin Man
Mehron Products Used: Paradise Makeup AQ
in Silver, Black and Red; Synwax, Bald Cap, Spirit Gum
Mehron: His look is definitely unique and you interpret it beautifully.  Do you have a favorite Mehron product to work with?

Amanda: I love the Paradise Palette! The colors go on so smoothly and blend beautifully. They smell wonderful too! I also love the Synwax.  I am able to mold different features on my face without using prosthetics.

Mehron: We are so happy you like those products and are so completely inspired by the looks you created with them.  Please be sure to share your future creations with us!
Self Portrait
Mehron Products Used: Paradise Makeup AQ in Teal,
Lagoon Blue, Dark Blue, Coral, Red, Beach Berry,
White, Yellow and Black

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Michela Wariebi Working Sugar Skull Magic

The Sugar Skull is a HOT Halloween look.  So hot that Mehron key makeup artist Michela Wariebi just shot a Sugar Skull how to video for People Magazine.  With celebs such as Kate Hudson recently spotted donning this Day of the Dead makeup for a pre-Halloween event, we thought we would share the inside scoop on how to get the colorful Sugar Skull look Michela created in the video. Following these simple steps you too can sport the look for your Halloween festivities.

The Base. Using a moist Face Smoothie, shade around the perimeter of the face, hollows of the cheeks and around the mouth with Paradise Makeup AQ in Wild Orchid.  Then add some dimension by repeating with Paradise Makeup AQ in Porto.  Intensify the color with iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments in Tornado and Purple Heat.

The Eyes. Next up is the classic Sugar Skull eyes.  Using a wet brush, apply Paradise Makeup AQ in Orange creating colored circles around the eyes.  Add iNtense Pro in Island Breeze to the inner corners and crease.  Define the eye with Paradise Makeup AQ in Wild Orchid.  Line the lash lines with iNtense Pro in Carbon.

Contours. Blend out the edges of the face contours with iNtense Pro in Yellow Spark using a fluffy brush.

The Lips. Apply Paradise Makeup AQ in Black to the inner lips and blend out with the Wild Orchid.

The Details. With a damp detail brush and Paradise Makeup AQ in Black, draw the mouth stitches. Smudge and add dimension with the Purple Heat.  Use the same Black to draw detail marks on the cheeks and forehead.  Using a dampened brush, outline the circle of the eyes with Paradise Glitter in Red.

More Details.  If you want to add even more dimension and sparkle, use AdGem Liquid Adhesive to apply Swarsky crystals around the eye circles.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Beauty Ideas

Not into dressing up for Halloween? No worries, you can forego the costume and still embrace the holiday.  Here are a few makeup ideas to get you into the spirit!

A Gorgeous Purple Cat Eye 

Black and purple are two traditional Halloween colors.  And a black cat is synonymous with the holiday.  So why not celebrate with a stunning, colorful cat eye makeup look. Boldly line the upper and lower lashes with E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black, winging it out to create the cat eye, Add E.Y.E Powder in Espresso to the crease, lightly blending it out above the crease and to the inner corner of the eye.  Next start patting Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Amethyst on your lid.  Follow with either iNtense Pro Purple Heat or Tornado above the crease, lightly bringing it to the inner corner of the eye, and blend. Create more definition by applying some iNtense Pro in Carbon to the outer crease.    Apply E.Y.E Powder in Natural Wheat to the brow bone and softly blend.  Gently sweep Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Amethyst to the lower lash line.  Follow with either the Purple Heat or Tornado.  Complete the look with a coat of Mascara Pro.

A Pop Of Color

Want something even bolder? Just dress the lip with L.I.P Cream in Autumn Sun!

Trick or Treat!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Rockin' Halloween Looks

In the past week, the Mehron team has been on the move! It was photo shoot after photo.  Here is a peek at some hot Halloween looks from one of the shoots currently featured on that will have you turning heads at parties - and we don't mean in the Exorcist kind of way!  We brought in MUA Michela Wariebi for this elaborate Halloween feature.  These looks are ALL about beauty, or as Nylon puts it "the epitome of a Halloween dream."

"It was so much fun to create these beauty Halloween looks using Mehron products," said Michela. It is exciting to see Mehron bring their theatrical expertise to everyday beauty.  They have taken their knowledge and expertise in creating professional makeup that excels under the harsh lights of the stage, film and runways and created products with that same wearability for everyday looks."

Ziggy Stardust.  David Bowie's alter ego never looked so good.  To recreate the look, cover the face with an even layer of Celebre Pro HD Makeup, brushing through the brows. Then use a darker shade to contour along the cheek bones, temples, and sides of the nose. Contour with CHEEK Powder in TropiCoral and Bold Red starting at the temples and blending down to the cheeks. Use Paradise Makeup AQ to create the dramatic lightning bolt, and add some to the hair to complete the look.

Half Sugar Skull. Create a smooth canvas with a light shade of Celebre Pro HD Makeup, then contour with a darker shade. Use E.Y.E Powder in Fawn to define one eye, blending through the crease, outside of the lid and under the lower lash line.  Line the upper and lower lashes with E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black and add E.Y.E Lashes to this eye. Cover the other side of the face with White Paradise Makeup AQ. Create the skull eye with Paradise Makeup AQ in Black. Use E.Y.E Liner Pencil in Black to draw skulls on the cheek and blend. Fill in with iNtense Pro in Carbon.  Use the Carbon to shade the lips and the forehead. Draw mouth stitches and face designs with the Black and White Paradise Makeup AQ. Finish the look with a pop of L.I.P Cream in Big Apple on the human side.

Maleficent. Cover the face with a light shade of Celebre Pro HD Makeup, blending into the neck and collarbone. Create exaggerated contouring in the hollows of the cheeks, nose and forehead with E.Y.E Powder in Cocoa and Fawn. Emphasize further with Mocha CHEEK Powder and set with Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder. Use Carbon iNtense Pro in the corner of the eyes and crease. Buff out the crease. Fill in the lid with the browns. Line the upper and lower lashes with the Carbon. Finish with E.Y.E Lashes in Fuller.

Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. Apply Celebre Pro HD in a light foundation, then contour with a darker foundation. Use ProColorRing Neutralizer to hide any redness.  Apply E.Y.E Powder in Fawn to the crease and lower lash line. Apply Natural Wheat and White E.Y.E Powder to the lid. Follow with Precious Gem Powder in Diamond on the inner corner, brown bone and top of lid. Apply Paradise Makeup AQ in Dark Brown along upper and lower lash lines and blend out with Precious Gem Powder in Champagne. Comb Paradise Makeup AQ in Light Brown through the brows. Apply TropiCoral and Mohave CHEEK Powder for a flush of pink to the cheeks. Add Pink Coral and Tech Orange CHEEK Cream to the middle of the lips and blend out.

We want to especially thank Abracadabra NYC for lending us the gorgeous headpieces for Maleficent and the Half Sugar Skull and the beautiful wig for Khaleesi from Game of Thrones for this shoot.

Black Veil Brides Use Mehron Makeup

Black Veil Brides Use Mehron Makeup
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Modern Vampire Makeup Kit Inspired by Twilight

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