Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Glamming It Up In NYC At IMATS

The Mehron team helped glam up NYC just a bit more this past weekend at IMATS.  What a show.  Crowds were lined up outside Pier 94 to get into one of the hottest makeup artist trade shows of the year.  Inside, the show floor was packed - and the Mehron booth hopping.
IMATS kicked off with Pro Night on Friday.  It was a thrill to talk Mehron with so many beauty editors and bloggers, including Christiana Molina from Elle.com, Dylan Schlussel of Mickey Williams Beauty, Crystal Fenton of Harris Publications, Misti Schindele and Nicole Grodin of Entertainisata.com, Gregorie Guillaume of HueKnewIt.com, Jenn Baez of Hollywood.com, and Catherine O'Neil of Allure.com.  Christiana and Dylan even got glammed by award winning makeup artist and Mehron Malaysia representative Kenz Ooi!  The incomparable Mark Reid kept busy - and the crowds coming - with his fabulous body art.  Our friend Thelma Pollard, key makeup artist for Broadway's Phantom of the Opera, also stopped by for a visit.  And the fun didn't stop there.
On Saturday and Sunday people flocked to watch Mark and snap shots of the master at work.  Using his favorite Paradise Makeup AQ and GlitterMark, Mark created the most realistic looking pair of body painted jeans that people were actually doing double takes!  They just couldn't believe it was makeup.  And of course there was a constant stream of MadeULookbyLex fans excited to meet YouTube sensation Alexys Fleming.

Mehron products were flying off of the shelves into the happy hands of customers - Celebre Pro HD Makeup, Concealer Wheels, Metallic Powders, iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments, Paradise Makeup AQ, Skin Prep Pro, Mixing Liquid, Barrier Spray and more!  If you were one of those Mehron buyers let us know what you think about your purchase.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How To Do The Winged Liner Look

Winged eyeliner is one of this season’s hottest eye makeup trends.  It seems to be a current favorite look of Taylor Swift, be it for a night out on the town or simply strolling the streets with coffee in hand.  Lena Dunham glammed it up with a winged eye for the cover of Glamour magazine.  Selena Gomez and Olivia Wilde have also rocked a wing.  We love the look because it is universally flattering and so versatile.  Depending on how you draw it, you can go bold and dramatic, super sexy or oh so sweet. 

We’ve put together three winged liner looks inspired by those gorgeous cat eyes of the 50s and 60s.  “With the step-by-step directions and face charts I have created you can easily do the winged liner look,” says Mehron makeup artist Pamela Faller.   

Bold and Beautiful.  Start by heavily packing iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Black to the lids.  Using a large, fluffy brush blend out into the crease.  Now comes the wing.  Line the top lid with Black Detailz creating a sharp winged line at the outer corners.  Line the inside of the bottom lid with E.Y.E Linner Pencil in Black Kohl.  Use a smudge brush to lightly blend Carbon underneath the eyes for a controlled smoky effect.  Complete this glamorous look with Black Mascara PRO, CHEEK Powder in Rose Wood and L.I.P Cream in Fiesta.

Sexy Chic.  Apply E.Y.E Powder in White to the lids.  Add E.Y.E Powder in Cocoa to the crease and blend out towards the outer corners of the eyes.  Very thinly line the top lid with Black Detailz and in a long stroke pull the tip of the applicator up towards the tail end of the eyebrow.  Using a small, angled brush, apply iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Graphite underneath the black wing following the line you created.  Line the bottom lids with E.Y.E Linner Pencil in Black Kohl, then smudge Graphite underneath to create a smoky look.  With your fingers lightly dab Precious Gems in Diamond along the upper cheek bones toward the temples for some extra sparkle.  Finish with Black Mascara Pro, CHEEK Powder to the apples of the cheeks and L.I.P Cream in Poppy -  hint: apply two layers of the L.I.P Cream for maximum color intensity!

Simple Elegance. For a barely winged look, apply E.Y.E Powder in White to the lid.  Next add E.Y.E Powder in Fawn to the crease and blend out towards the outer corner of the eye and up to the brow bone.  Apply Black Detailz in thick layers and lightly flick the tip out and up at the outer corners of the eyes.  Apply Black Mascara Pro.  Use L.I.P Cream in Natural on the lips and blot, follow with Glosstone PRO in Crystal Clear.  Pop some color on the cheeks with CHEEK Powder in Mojave. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mehron Worldwide Meeting

This past weekend Mehron distributors from across the globe made the trek to Mehron headquarters in Chestnut Ridge, New York.  It was the first time everyone was under one roof.  And the Mehron NY team made sure that the weekend was packed with valuable seminars chock full of information - along with a whole lot of fun.

The weekend started with a group breakfast at the hotel and a little meet and greet.  Then everyone was transported to Mehron's home to get to know the family and sneak a peek at a day in the life of our makeup company - from research and development to manufacturing and packaging to sales and marketing.  The energy in the air was electric as each distributor fed off of others' ideas and the creative juices flowed.  Everyone brainstormed on how to best let the world know about Mehron products and the care and thought behind each one.  Of course, social media took center stage.

After a fabulous day filled with synergy, we all boarded a bus for NYC for a true family style dinner at Carmine's.  We were joined by Phantom of the Opera actress Satomi Hofmann, who proceeded to apply her character face with Mehron makeup at the table!  Also joining us was Thelma Pollard, who has been Phantom's key makeup artist since day one - 26 years ago.  It is the longest running broadway show in NYC.  Dinner was anything but boring!  Once everyone was satiated, we headed to the Majestic Theatre to watch Satomi and the rest of the cast in action.  At the end of the show we surprised everyone with a private session with cast members for a Q & A to ask about their experience with Mehron makeup, which is used for each performance.  What a night!  We capped it off with a generous donation to the Broadway Cares Foundation.

The next day, a slightly tired group, gathered once again to glean more insight from each other and Mehron's social media team.  The camaraderie formed from just two days was absolutely inspiring. As the non-stop chatter at dinner that evening proved, fast friendships had formed.  Next time you see Mehron products in the US, Canada, England and throughout Europe, Australia, Malaysia and Mexico, you will know it is thanks to the Mehron family of distributors who is so excited to share them with you!

Thank you to the following for an absolutely fabulous weekend:

Kenz Ooi from Cinema Makeup in Malaysia
Wayne Copoloff from H.M. Smallwares in Canada
Saskia Timmermans and Monique Lily van de Heuvel of Mehron Europe
Allister and Ann Tomkins of Tomfoolery in Australia
Ann and Lauren Thompson of Treasure House in Great Britain
Frank McKinnon and Sue Puschak from Eddie's Trick Shop
Jim Rose of Loftus International
Jonathan Hernandez and Christina Watts of Mehron Mexico
Morris Costumes

Friday, April 4, 2014

Prom Eye Makeup Ideas

Looking for inspiration for the perfect makeup for prom?  We have some fabulous ideas - whether you want something bold and colorful, glamorous and elegant or simple and stunning.  With the hot makeup looks we have created you are going to turn some heads - and stir up some envy.

This first look takes colorful eye makeup to a whole other level - winged liner and all!  It will add some punch to a classic black prom dress, as well as complement metallics and a whole rainbow of dress choices.

Look created by Mehron makeup artist Pamela Faller

  1. Start by packing iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Electric Green onto the lid in layers to intensify color.
  2. Apply iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Fire Island in the crease, then blend up toward the brow bone.
  3. Directly beneath the brow, dab Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Peridot to highlight the brow bone and give some extra sparkle.  First dab the brush into Mixing Liquid, then into the shimmer, for maximum impact.
  4. Line the top lid, creating a thick wing from the outer corner of the eye with Detailz in Black.  This liquid liner creates a nice, bold line.
  5. Pack Electric Green on the inner corners of the eye and blend in towards the center of the eye along the lower lash line.
  6. Pack Fire Island from the center of the lower lash line and following up towards the winged liner, then blend.
  7. Complete the look with black mascara.

For additional prom eye makeup ideas, as well as lips, cheeks and more, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  We will be unveiling more looks in the days and weeks ahead.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Makeup Kits For Students Were All The Buzz

This past weekend, the United States Institute for Theatre Technology held its Conference and Stage Expo.  This annual show draws in large crowds, from drama instructors and educators to lighting and costume to audio and set design techies.  As a theatrical makeup manufacturer, we have been supporting the artistic community for over 75 years with quality products that stars sparkle.  So, we sent our key makeup artist Jason Coleman down to Fort Worth, Texas to demonstrate our new student makeup kits - perfect for elementary school through college - and share some of our theatre staples, like Skin Prep Pro and Barrier Spray.  Let's just say that Mehron took center stage and ran with it.

"Tonight will be a memory too"

Cats goes down in history as one of the longest running broadway shows.  Inspired by this fabulous musical, Jason got into the spirit for the show's product showcase night.  He had his model, Amanda, dress as a "Cat", walk out center stage and pose with Mehron bags filled with giveaways.  The audience went wild!

"A special kind of people known as show people"

As any artist knows, you have to look the part, which takes some work.  And that's why Mehron was founded.  Our roots are in making "show people" look fantastic.  We started in 1927 in the heart of the theatre district. Throughout our history, we have continually added to innovative products to our performance makeup line. Some of our new products this year include our student makeup kits.

 The Mini-Pro Student Makeup Kit, available in 3 shades, has the makeup budding performers need to look their best under the big lights.

The All-Pro Makeup Kit, in StarBlend Cake or CreamBlend Sticks, is perfect for more experienced student performers – makeup, special effects and more.  

Our highly pigmented, silky, matte cream makeup (available in 3 shades) is the base for the Celebre Pro HD ALL-PRO Makeup Kit.  Delivering smooth, buildable coverage, Celebre Pro HD is oil/fragrance free and infused with powerful antioxidants and aloe vera to soothe skin.  Each Celebre Pro HD affords 20-30 applications.   

 The Dancer Premium Makeup Kit includes all the vital cosmetic tools needed to create the perfect stage face along with a pictorial instruction booklet developed by the makeup artists for the American Ballet Theatre.

 Beginners to advanced makeup artists alike will want our Special FX All Pro Makeup Kit with full-size products, six accessories, three prosthetic pieces, and step-by-step instructions.

The booth was quite a buzz with questions and spectators wanting to get a see and feel for our products.  The educators went on and on about how fantastic the Mini-Pro kits were and were thrilled to hear about some of the extra perks in the Celebre line (vegan, skin-care infused, and oil-free)," said Jason.  "The Skin Prep Pro was a hit as well!"  Skin Prep Pro's proprietary formula boosts the wearable of makeup under  high performance conditions.  And we all know how intense those theatre lights can be!

Friday, March 28, 2014

What Lip Color Should I Wear This Spring? Try Orange!

It's officially spring.  Time to brighten up a bit.  And the latest lip trend makes it is easy to add a beautiful pop of color to your face.  Celebrities such as Kristen Bell, Kate Bosworth, and Lupita Nyong'o have been seen rocking an orange hued lip.  The fun color has been popping up on the red carpet and all over the runways. From corals to bright tangerines, orange lips are definitely one of Spring 2014's must try makeup looks.

You might be thinking to yourself, can I really wear this color lip? Yes, you can!  Orange hues are actually quite wearable.  With a range of hues you will find the perfect one just for you.  If you want to stand out, pick a bright orange shade and wear it full power.  For a more traditional color, opt for a reddish-orange.  Not a bold color girl? You can still get in on the trend by applying lip color lightly with your fingertips to mute its power.  For some extra shine, top any of these methods with a clear gloss.

Here are our "orange" picks from our L.I.P Cream line.  Each velvety option offers long-lasting coverage and built-in hydration.

Autumn Sun gives you that true orange - bright and saturated with color.  FYI it was just featured in Beauty World News as one of the 4 easy ways to pull off the orange lip trend!

Poppy lets you give orange a try with its inviting red undertones and amazing color payoff.

Sunburst is perfect for those looking for a hint of orange with coral.

Glosstone PRO in Crystal Clear is the perfect topper.

Still asking yourself, "What lip color should I wear this spring?" Don't be.  Go ahead and give them a try.  After all, orange is the new red.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Australia, Germany, Malaysia - All In One Week!

Mehron is at it again - three trade shows, on three different continents in less than a week's time!  How do we do it? With the help of our wonderful distributors.  Their passion for our products puts Mehron in the hands of happy customers across the globe.  Here is a sneak peak of what they have been doing to get the word out about our tried and trues and something new.

make-up artist design show 2014. Over 3,000 people traveled to Dusseldorf, Germany on March 22-23 for a multi-faceted, creative show.  MUAs from international theatres, opera houses, playhouses, TV studios, musicals and film productions came to build their skill set and see what the best of the best had to offer.  And Mehron Europe, along with Mark Reid, gave them quite a show, focusing on body art - which has become very popular in advertising, performance and even the fashion runways.  The displays and demos showed attendees the high quality of our products, the large variety we offer, and just how to use them!

Salon Melbourne. 10,000 miles from Dusseldorf, Mehron's Australian/New Zealand distributor Tomfoolery drew in the crowds at Victoria's premier hair and beauty destination.  Salon Melbourne, which was held this past weekend, was a fabulous source of inspiration for all who attended.  They got to see, feel and test out products people have been relying on world-wide!    

Beauty Professional 2014.  Cinema Makeup, our Malaysia distributor, manned a booth at the Beauty Professional 2014 exhibition held in the Putra World Trade Center.  The focus of the show this year was on improving beauty industry skills and the Mehron Cinema Makeup team was happy to oblige - with our top selling beauty, performance and body painting lines.  Most of all, they had a great time doing it!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Featured Artists - Nate Bright and Lila Wilde

A talented team from Oklahoma recently made it onto our radar.  The art Nate Bright and Lila Wilde have created with Mehron products, particularly Paradise Makeup AQ and LUX Airbrush Makeup, is incredible.  We thought we would share some of their inspiring creations and background info.

Nate Bright

Mehron: Your characters are amazing.  Where did you learn to do special FX makeup?

Nate: Actually, I am a self-taught makeup and special effects artist.

Mehron: Wow, we never would have guessed that.  Where did you hone your skills?

Nate: On various films, events, stage shows and commercials.  I constantly work to showcase my art, as well as the work of the multitude of talented artists also residing in Oklahoma.  I have an intense love for what I do and strive to make sure my work is of the utmost quality.  

Mehron: We can see that you give your all to your creations.  Thanks so much for sharing them!

Lila Wilde

Mehron: Your art is so engaging. Where did you study?

Lila: Like Nate, I am a self-taught makeup artist and body painter.

Mehron: Well, obviously art is in your blood! You are a natural talent.  Is there a specific industry that you work in?

Lila: I have had the pleasure of working with various entertainment companies, haunted houses and special events, as well as commercials and film.

Mehron: Your work is truly inspirational.

Lila: I am always looking to inspire and encourage fellow artists.  I am very passionate about my work and love learning new ways to improve my capabilities.

Mehron: Well you have inspired us!  We look forward to seeing your future projects.

You can follow Nate on Facebook at /Nate.bright1 and on Instagram at ILL_LOGICAL

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Paris Fashion Week 2014

Ooh la la! Mehron recently made its way to the city of lights and love for Paris Fashion Week.  And those monikers were quite apropos for the Carlotta Actis Barone AW 2014-15 show!  Camera lights were flashing and everyone was loving her new collection.  Carlotta's designs are the expression of her artistic and socially orientated background.  She has a very unique, strong design sense that blends extremely modern with influences from the past.  As Carlotta says herself, she likes to give her clothes a voice of their own.  Her latest collection reaffirms her signature Steampunk feel - and Mehron helped carry that feel with a custom makeup look.

To showcase the collection, Carlotta held a Street Show.  "This was a huge publicity event for the designer and her collection," said Lauren Thompson of Mehron UK.  "The show's head MUA Katrina Stamp spoke with many members of the Paris media, including Grazia French Magazine."

The Look

This collection is Futuristic Retro.  It revisits the exploration of a survivor of a nuclear apocalypse.  Carlotta reused natural elements from the past - wools, silks, craft studs and chains - into the reconstruction of the garments incorporating the silhouette of a modern day warrior through the reinvention of shape.  Through variations of wool, she created an innovative balance of volume and structural patterns that effortlessly wrap the body without restriction.  Textured knitwear and distressed t-shirts complete the war survivor's look.  Carlotta blended unconventional textures with black and charcoals, then contrasted them against vivid auburn and rich burgundy.  Bold silver and gold plated studs radiate from the neutral palette.

To complement the designs, lead MUA Katrina Stamp chose a fresh, flawless and youthful look for Carlotta's models.  The beautiful complexion was created with Celebre Pro HD Makeup and Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing powder.  Katrina then selected makeup that matched the collection's color palette, focusing on the eyes.

Eyes. She created a soft, smudged line on the top and lower lids using Black E.Y.E. Liner Pencil.  Next she added Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Tigers Eye from the corner of the eye to the center - bottom only - to enhance the collection's warrior mood and brighten the eye.  E.Y.E Power in Black Onyx was smudged from the lid of the eye, corner to center, and blended with CHEEK Powder in Bold Red.  The red was taken up to appear bolder.  The two colors were then blended to the underneath outer corner of the eye.  E.Y.E Power in Espresso and Cinnamon was used for shading.

Cheeks.  Katrina slightly blushed the cheeks with CHEEK Powder in Rosewood or Mocha depending upon the model's coloring.  She started from the temples, blending down, avoiding the apples of the cheeks.

Lips. For the lip color Katrina chose L.I.P Cream in Cheery Chocolate, then topped it with Glosstone PRO in Crystal Clear.

To complete the look, Steampunk style bronze and gold pieces were added to the side of the face from forehead to cheek.

We LOVE the designs and the makeup that highlighted them.  A big shout out to the entire makeup team - Katrina, Valbona Bicker, Christelle Pelleceur, and Nikki Tipping - and Lauren Thompson from Mehron UK.

Friday, March 14, 2014

How To Do A Green Smokey Eye

Emerald eyes are trending right now.  We've seen green lined lower lids on Jessica Biel and a green cat eye on model Georgia May Jagger.  And we really loved the gorgeous full on, green smokey eye Kaley Cuoco rocked at The Golden Globes.  So we just had to try it ourselves.  Are you ready to break away from the traditional smokey eye? With St. Patrick's Day - and spring - just days away, we have put together a simple 6-step tutorial for a beautiful green smokey eye.  And yes, we mean simple!  The key to this look is intense color and blending.  So grab your makeup and brushes and get your green on!

1. Line your eyes with a black liner.  We used Black Detailz.

2. Apply iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Palm on the lid.  Our iNtense line is formulated to achieve the highest possible levels of pigment payoff on the market.  The colors are long wearing, opaque, matte and vibrant.  Perfect for a day and night of reveling.

3. Pack iNtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Tropical Storm onto the outer corners of your eye.  Blend up for added depth.

4. Add Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Peridot to the inner corners of the eye for some sparkle.

5. Line the lower lids with Tropical Storm.  Use a smudge brush to buff out the line to create that faded, smokey look.

6. Lastly, add some Black Mascara PRO.  That's it!

Try the complete look in the face chart for show-stopping, party-hopping, on-trend style.  Apply Celebre Pro HD Makeup for a smooth, flawless foundation ideal for all of those social media pics.  Add CHEEK Powder in Mojave for a blushing glow.  Set everything with Translucent Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder.  Then add a touch of color to the lips with Glosston PRO in Pink Crush.

All products are available at www.Mehron.com or visit our store locator to find a retailer near you.

Look created by Mehron's in-house makeup artist Pamela Faller.

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